Revitalize in Turkey Complaint


After having liposuction, tummy tuck and arm lift my tummy became infected with bacteria. After staying at the hospital in Izmir I was sent to their Villa but was left feeling very weak.After 10 days I returned home to the Uk, but collapsed at Istanbul Airport and had to be wheeled to my connecting flight to the Uk.After arriving in the UK I spent the next 2 weeks in Frenchay Hospital Bristol UK because my tummy was seriously infected (see photos).They put me on penicillan and other medications to kill the infection.I then had to have 2 more operations.The first was to clean my tummy out as it was creating puss.The second was to have a skin graft from my leg to repair the tummy tuck wound. I have requested that the hospital return my money for the infections I suffered but they have refused.

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