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This individual goes around and approaches engineers, surveyors, fuel suppliers, etc. to provide services on fictitous projects that he allegley has under contract. It is during this time that he selectively solicits investment opportunities to to buy a percentage of the LLC that he has created. In my case I wired money and never received any paper work executed. The land in Catarina, TX that he conned out of Sonia Sanchez from laredo who is sueing and pressing charges on Bob was strung out for many months past the time when he sold her land. bob also kept telling me that there were issues with the land and could not sell it when I fact he already did. Robert is a 10 time convicted felon who caims to be a Bechtel Corp retiree with a very large retirement account at Merrill Lynch. There is no retiremenT account nor did he ever work for Bechtel. He also claims to have worked for Chesapeake Oil. Bob Avila also says his daughter Tanya Grace who was married to Mark Grace (Arizona Diamond Backs and Chicago Cubs player) Which is true, backs him financially. He also says he represents Arizona Diamondback players investments Which is not true. I understand that he ripped off Mark Grace for $180,000. Currently Bob Avila is under investigation by the San Antonio Police department, FBI for wire fraud and the Dimmit County Sherrif’s Department for fraud. Robert D. Avila has no resources to develop any property. Do not give this person anything. He has served time in Colorado, California and Arizona. I understand he has perpetuated other scams as well.

Phoenix , Arizona USA



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