Ray’s Roofing and Renos Review


Came to our house to do primarily a deck rebuild job. Showed up late in the night to get the contract signed. Seemed unusual but wanted to start work right away. Had us transfer 50% of amount through e transfer the same night. The next day started frantically calling saying etransfer did not go through. Showed up at husband’s office to get $500 more cash. After this the ordeal started. Didn’t show up for work the next day, saying it was going to rain. Didn’t show up the day after that either. Would not respond to calls or texts or emails. Finally got police involved and he said he would come to work the day after a long weekend. Showed up then for a couple of hours. Then another day for an hour. Then again no showed. Showed up later in the evening to pick up hot tub. Hasn’t shown up since. Also found hot tub and pump being attempted to be sold on Kijiji!!


  • Name: Ray’s Roofing and Renos
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Scarborough, Ontario
  • Address: 325 Milner Avenue M1B 5S8 Main number:
  • Phone: (416) 412-5000
  • Website:

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