Rado Alpharetta Georgia Review


I have bought a Rado Jubily watch from their authorized dealer for $1800.00. According to the company the watch is leak and scrach proof. I used this watch with great care and rarely after 2 years i found it started corroded over its dial and also there are scratches on the watch. I reported this issue to the Rado customer service and they asked me to send the watch for the inspection and they send me an estimation 700$ for the repair cost. I refuse to pay anything more and ask them return back to me. I donot want spend anything more for this. I am wondering how can a reputed watch manufacture could sell such a low quality item for a rediculous price. If you are planning to buy a Rado please think twice it is rip off.. nJosephnAlpharetta, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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