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I  met  my  ex  in 2009 when  we  started  in the same training  class  at  work. He  hit on  me  and constantly  made  gestures  in regards to  dating,  but I  never  took  him up on any  of  the  offers  because  he  had a  lot  going  on  in his personal life  and I  also  wasn’t much  in to  dating  coworkers due  to a  past experience. Even though I had turned  him  down  on  numerous  occasions  he  still  would  come  and  talk/ flirt with  me  daily  but I  didn’t  pay it  much  attention. || Anyways,  time  goes  on  and  he  eventually  took  a  job  with  another  company before  the end  of 2009, but  we  still  kept in  contact  and  had dinner a  few  times  and I even  went to have a  massage  with  him  at  the  school  he was attending on one occasion. One  day  in 2011 I text  him and  asked  if  his  offer  for a  massage  still  stood  due to  back pain I  was  experiencing  and  he always  offered  because he  had  gone  to  school  for  massage therapy  and  that  was  now  his  occupation. He replied yes and we scheduled a date and time for the massage. So  he  came and gave  me a  massage  and we kept  in contact even  more  and started  hanging  out  more as  well.  Eventually  we  started dating  and I  was  not  only  spending time  with  him,  but  with his son  who  was 3  at  the  time and  things  were  good. || Six months into the relationship his father whom he was staying with told him he was selling the house and he had 2 months to find somewhere to live. Since my lease was almost up we decided to get a place together. So we moved in together and things were going fine. We had our disagreements, but we resolved most of them except when it came to his son who he never disciplined and was quite rude to me at times yet my feelings and opinions never seemed to matter which was a huge issue within the relationship. || Anyhoo, let’s fast forward to about September 2012. My ex and I had a disagreement in regards to an outing with my family and rather than talk to me about what was bothering him he decided not to talk to me for a week, slept in the spare room and then moved all of his things into the spare room while I was out one day and decided he wanted to talk after the fact. Shortly after this, literally within days I found out I was pregnant. I waited a few days before I told him and when I did he didn’t seem very happy even though it was something we’d discussed, yet he had the nerve to tell me not to have the baby otherwise meaning abortion which I’m totally against and said he wasn’t financially ready to have a baby which he obviously didn’t consider before the fact. Well of course I told him I was keeping my baby not only because I’m against abortion, but she was my blessing in disguise due to I was told I couldn’t have kids. || During my pregnancy he wasn’t much involved, never asked how I felt from morning sickness or anything. He asked once could he go to a doctor’s appointment and only went to one appointment. Eventually I grew tired of the little care he showed so I didn’t share anything with him regarding the pregnancy. As more time passed I noticed he was mentioning the name Rachel a lot who’s his so-called manager at work. I would question him about it, but never got much of a response. So I finally meet Rachel at the company Christmas party and not only did she know before meeting me that I was pregnant, but also that my ex was obviously taken. She smiled in my face and acted so fake because I’m pretty good at reading people. Well after the Christmas party I noticed she was calling and texting my ex late at night, which I said was unacceptable and if it were work related, they could speak at work. He would tell me why are you worried about it, it’s none of my concern or she’s just a friend which I knew was a lie. I found pictures of her in her underwear like the ones shown, pictures of her naked in bed and sexual text between the two of them. Not only this, but there were nights he’d come home at 11pm, 130am when he got off at 7pm or some days not at all and would tell me he was staying at a friends but his text proved otherwise. || Since I already had all the proof I needed I packed all my belongings which was 99% of the apartment and moved. I gave him the opportunity to tell the truth when he walked in on me moving out, but he denied and lied to my face. He contacted me 3 times after I moved twice about turning the power on because it was in my name and I shut it off and once about paying rent which wasn’t going to happen seeing how I was gone for two months and he’d been taking the whore there which I knew because I was still checking the mail until my address change went through. I was 5 months pregnant when I left and he still never asked about my baby. He has been living his life with this homewrecking, slut without a care and now that I’m almost due wants to text me and say I have to tell him what’s going on with the baby when he’s never showed a care in the world about my child he wanted to abort. Oh and he also feels I shouldn’t be angry and get over him cheating, funny right? Now what’s even funnier is I told him when I first found out I was pregnant that I didn’t want my child raised in a broken home and I also mentioned to him months before his cheating began that I was having dreams of him being unfaithful which he swore he never would, but it looks like he took my worst nightmare and made it a reality.

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