Rachael Marie Taylor Texas


This b1tch name is Rachael Marie Taylor aka Ray Ray. Facebook name Rachael.Taylor. [REDACTED]; went to [REDACTED] graduated in 2004 and currently living in Hood county; been engaged since November 22, 2018. Do not trust her. She says “Family means everything to her”. NOT TRUE AT ALL! She’s a slore, fake as fuk and smokes meth. She prefers the company of married men and enjoys breaking up a family. She’s a shady b1tch and POS daughter and a even worse of a mother to her daughter. Do Not Trust This Scandalous Dope Phene Homewrecking Sloot! She’s Trash! Family comes after she gets fuked and gets dope. She just likes being a hoe having lots of sex with married men or men who are taken. Back stabbing cvnt!

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