I received a promo from my Home depot a free trial of this supplement with $2.95 shipping and handling which is charged on 3/5/2014, the next thing I noticed after going to my statement billing was the company charged me $148 after 14 days on 3/19 for this product. I am resolving this on their side to return the items and get my whole refund. The returned address on the package was “PQ Distribution Center
60 Belamose Ave, Rocky Hill CT 06067-3773. I don’t want them to send me any of this items. They charged me without my approval and very disappointed on their dishonesty:( I looked up my billing that the number is 800-605-3849 Florida. Please help me to delete my account with them. Thank you and appreciate it.. I demand Whole refund please and thank you.. I don’t recommend them

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