Back in February 2007, I placed an order for various items totaling close to $270.00. Given that it was April and I had not received my order, I wrote an email through the customer form and requested a cancellation. Given a week had gone by and I did not receive any feedback, I followed up with a phone call. I spoke to a customer representative that stated he had cancelled the order through his system only to receive 2 weeks later an email from Petals (the only thing they are good at doing is notifying you when something has been shipped or sending you specials) informing me that all the items except one were on their way and I was charged on my visa. I immediately called the customer assistance number and this time I was told to refuse the items upon delivery and I confirmed with her that the last item that was not shipped WAS cancelled in the system which she said she had just done. I refused the items upon delivery as the rep had recommended. In the interim, approximately 4 days later, I receive a postcard type notification via land mail from Petals informing me the last item had been cancelled due to it being out of stock. 2 weeks later I received an email from Petals telling me that this last item had been SHIPPED and yes, I checked my visa, and I had been charged for that last item too. I immediately called a customer representative who told me to refuse it (this was at this point early May). Months went by — all summer and I have yet to receive the credit on my visa. I called 2 additional times, one time the customer representative told me that the reason I had not received the credit was because when I had refused the 2 deliveries I had not marked what I wanted them to do with the money on the return form (duh, if you reject at delivery that means you don’t open the box!) so she told me it would be 2 weeks for the visa to be credited. The second time, the representative informed me that the information in the system had the order number I had been given for another customer!!!! It is August 27, 2007 today and for the last 2 months has their phone blocked by saying that their new catalog has caused such an overwhelming response that all customer representative are busy and to call back later– I call randomly at this point and I have never gotten through, it’s a bunch of crock. Or, they change the message and tell the caller to go to their website for all of “your customer needs”. Of course, nobody answers the inquiries even though they state that they’ll respond back within 24 hours. My question is, how is this company allowed to do this? Is their any way of finding out who is responsible? I would like to take them to court for the mere principal of it all.

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