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I’ve debated for a long time whether or not I should send my story in. She’s vindictive enough to retaliate and I’m sure she will if she finds out I’ve sent her ass in to this site.19 years. That’s how long we were together when he cheated. We had a great marriage, problems every now and then but we were happy. Healthy sex life, the whole nine yards. He was in the army and went to Texas for training. He was only there a few days when he met her. He told her he was happily married (funny right?) when they started talking as “friends”. Apparently she had issues (because it involves a child, I will be nice and leave out that part) and I guess she kept bugging him needing “help” (from what I understand, it was questions involving the military) The crazy thing is my husband was always the type who couldn’t stand to be bothered by female drama. He was always annoyed if a woman hit on him or tried to talk too much to him. Instead of telling her to f**k off like he normally did, he allowed himself to get suckered in, not even realizing how far it was going.He was only in Texas about 6 weeks. I even bought him a plane ticket for Memorial Day weekend for him to go visit his dad AND I drove 13 hours with 3 kids to surprise him at his dad’s house. He came home the beginning of June and when I went to pick him up from the airport, something was off. I couldn’t place my finger on it and cheating was the last thing from my mind. He would NEVER do something like that to me. He despised cheats and liars.Fast forward 4 months. He had left his Facebook account up on the laptop and me being nosy (not one of my prouder moments) I looked at his messages. There was one to her and all it said was howdy stranger. There was no response. I looked up her profile and didn’t realize where she was. I didn’t think much of it but for the next few days I had this nagging feeling that wouldn’t go away. October 4th I looked up her profile again and looked closer. She had been tagged in El Paso. My heart sank and I got this sick feeling in my stomach. I sat there, at work, staring at the screen. So I messaged her. All I said was did you meet my husband a few months ago. I waited and waited for a response. I decided to check my phone bill. H O L Y S H I T. There was an El Paso number ALL OVER MY BILL. Over 7,000 texts in the month of May. I still held out hope it wasn’t her. So I called it. I wanted to die. It went to her voicemail and it was the same name as on the Facebook profile. I started shaking and crying. I left work.On the way home I called him and screamed at him, asking who the f**k she was. I think I called him every name in the book and he denied even knowing her. I got home and immediately pulled up the phone bill. I knew he’d be home soon and I wanted to be prepared to throw the evidence in his face. I then texted her asking why him?? He came home and I sat there calmly (calm at first) who she was. He said he didn’t know. The number was another soldier he worked with and that’s the number he always talked to him from. Yeah, right. So I called her number from my phone (blocking my number) and it went to her voicemail again. He still denied it. That’s when I flipped out screaming and crying calling him a liar. About 2 hours later, she texted back saying I had nothing to worry about, how much he loved me and blah blah blah. I threw it in his face. He finally admitted to knowing her. They were just friends. HA sure you were. He begged me to give him another chance. Claimed how much he loved me and all that other stuff someone says when they cheat. She even said to call her so I could talk to her. I did. She claimed I had nothing to worry about. He told her how much he loved me and I was his world. She said he amazed her at how much he still loved me after almost 20 years together and that’s what she wanted. Big surprise. She also said how much they helped each other through rough times. Oh really?? Being his wife, I could’ve sworn that was my f**king job. But I was nice. I wanted to believe them both that nothing physical happened. A few days later he left for an inpatient program for PTSD. Awesome timing. I even flew down there to visit him and do some counseling with him to try to understand what he was going through.This was so out of character for him. Not even our friends believed he had an affair. They said there’s no way he did anything with her…..he loves you so much…..he would never do that to you.He got back the beginning of November and we began marriage counseling. By January, we were doing better. I decided to believe him and move on with our life. In February I found out I was pregnant with our 4th child. He was happy as could be and so was I. The best part….my due date was October 4th. I said I’ll be damned if my child will be born on that date!!! (Which she wasn’t, thank god!) I still checked his accounts to see if he was talking to her and I found nothing. Until March. She sent him a message back in January and it went to his other folder on Facebook. It was unread so he didn’t even know it was there. She called him a dick and said it was ok, as long as he knew she meant everything she said to him. Umm WTF??I confronted him yet again. I believed he wasn’t talking to her but what the hell did that message mean??? So I messaged her back as him. She started in on some sob story about a necklace she left in another hotel room and what should she do because the guy took it back home with him. (Wonder if he was married too…) I think that’s how she reels men in. The whole damsel in distress bullshit. That’s when all hell broke loose. He came to my work and he started talking to her with me sitting there. He basically told her he didn’t want her in his life and he was with his wife. She got pissed and threatened to tell his pregnant wife what really happened. I lost it. She said other crap like she thought he was separated from me and he lied to her. (weird, since she told me he told her he was happily married and I was his world) He left to go back to work and she sent a message that she had his son in February. W T F Are you kidding me bitch??? I texted her and asked her when the DNA test was. She said some vulgar stuff and I tried to keep it together but I couldn’t. She ended up saying she lied. Why would you lie about something like that??! She’s just fucking crazy, that’s all there is to it.It took a few days but, he finally admitted that it had gotten physical. Just once. And he was so grossed out by her and what he was doing that it stopped. I would hope so, she’s just nasty looking. Whether it’s true or not, only they know.Back to counseling we go!I don’t want to give her another thought. And I won’t. But why should she get off scott free while we’re trying put our relationship back together? And that’s why I sent in my story. I also wonder how many other men she tries to pull this shit with. Sounds like a tag chaser to me.Life has not been easy for him and he is still paying for what he did. We have over 20 years together, we have built a life together and I don’t want to throw it away yet. He said he will spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to me if that’s what it takes. || People can say what they want, but in the end I’M the one that has to live with my decision. There will be no 3rd or 4th chances, I can guarantee that. And I’m really hoping it will never come to that.

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