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I sent for, paid $3.48, and received the product sample. It arrived without any sales slip, instructions, return address or phone number. I took one capsule but it contained additional ingredients besides the reconstituted red wine, and I am allergic to the Green Tea which it contained. After an exhaustive search on the Internet for this company, I found they had changed their name several times, and that there were numerous other complaints from consumers who had been ripped off. However, I kept calling numbers, and finally got an answer from RSVPRO and spoke to someone named ‘Justin’. He was pleasant, and assured me that when I returned the product I would be awarded a full refund. There was no time element discussed. He told me to send the product to P.O. Box 971030, Orem, Utah, 84097, and gave me the confirmation #3461801. nAbout 10 days later, I received an E-mail from the company informing me that they had indeed received the returned product but that I was ineligible for a refund because the return time had exceeded the date for a return. The message said that I could have the product sent back to me, but that nothing else could be done as I had not followed the outlined rules for return. As I have already stated, there were no written, verbal or E-mail rules set down by this company at any time. They owe me $79.00 plus the insured postage I paid to return the package. Thank you. nMarganGardena, CaliforniaU.S.A.

P.O.Box 971090, Nationwide U.S.A.


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