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Complaint: Pcc is a political call center that collects donations for federal political action campaigns like the prolife campaign and the republican majority campaign. It is ran by a bald gentleman named Ron English. There is also a short little bald guy that wears platform shoes named aron. They hire anybody who walks through the door, people straight from prison collect credit card information, sexual predators like Ron Gogan are supervisors. Ron Gogan will tell you how he plans on retiring and moving to bangcock so he can have sex with asain prostitutes. Im not joking.It Iis a great place to work if you have no soul. You will get paid ten dollars per hour, if you dont get sent home for not collecting enough money. You will have excellent benefits though, if you work at pcc you will most likely recieve a few hundred dollars a month in free food I believe it is called food stamps. You will qualify because you make nothing. If you are considering working their you would be better off begging for money on the streets, the only difference is you will get to keep all the funds you raise on the street.

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Address: 49 s sycamore suite 3 mesa, Arizona USA



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