Patrol Masters Complaint


are patrol masters totally inept ###s? i spoke to a representative last night about getting my garage inspected so we could be considered for a parking permit. we picked a date, and the representative agreed to safe list my car for 10 days until the garage inspection. while leaving work this evening, i noticed they had issued me a warning violation for not being safe-listed…EVEN THOUGH THEY TOLD ME THEY WERE SAFE_LISTING MY CAR…i had given them my license plate, phone number etc. had i not noticed the crumpled up warning under my wiper, or had it blown away on the drive to/from work, I would”ve have woken up tommorrow morning to find that my car was towed. the manager”s response (her name was Rita), was that no appointment was made to inspect my garage and that my car was not safe-listed (WTF!?!?!). she put me on hold to check their non existant “records”…during which time another patrol masters rep picked up the phone and asked if i was being taken care of…come to think of it, the night before I was also “juggled” between operators. first they told me that they needed a copy of all the vehicle registrations associated w/ our property. i called back for details, and then they told me they made a mistake and that my particular community (costa brava) was an exception to those rules and didn”t require vehicle registration for garage inspection. she put me on hold, then another representative randomly picked up. this was supposedly “rita” the manager. we set a date for the inspection, and she agreed to safe list my car for 10 days….she offered to give me a confirmation number, but i declined, as i was in my car and didn”t have a pen handy. back to today, they tell me that their records indicated someone called last night w/ my number/license plate, but that they had no confirmation number or record of safe listing me and scheduling an appointment. i kindly asked her to remove the 2nd warning notice from my record, in case i ever needed a safety buffer against being towed. she said there”s nothing they could do… again, total ### that they dont have that kind of communication w/ their patrol guards/towing nazis that they know when a car was issued a warning and being monitored. these ###s need to be removed from the HOA”s.

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