Patrick F. Sorel Review


This letter from the sender is offering "Sublime Protection" that is said to be offered by Gabrielle Ouri. They are offering in exchange for money some mystical protection and distance you from "intruders, parasites, theives and manipulators". It also has a form enclosed that you can send by check, credit card or cash a sum of $60 in return for said protection from "jealousy, malevolence and envy" because soon you will recieve a "colossal Fortune that will reach more than 98 Million dollars." Along with a testimony from an "old woman" describing the "Sublime Protector" that she recieved from Gabrielle Ouri is like a "White Magic Witch".There is also a statement of "Total Guarantee" but then fine print stating by the very nature of this offerby legal decree they are not bound by any guarantee of results"

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