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On Oct 2012, my husband was stopped for DUI and spent the night in jail. He normally returns home late because he told me he’s works out at the gym. He’s been keeping the same schedule for the past 5 years. I never thought he would be cheating on me. When I look back now, over the years there were clues but I never really paid attention. I was too involved in my career. I was extremely focused on making promotions and getting the right positions and money. During that time, I guess he felt neglected and instead of saying something, he started a relationship with Patricia Rochester. She goes by Tricia. || In Oct 2013, she sent me an email from my husband’s account telling me our marriage was over. He denied sending the email and said his account was hacked. On 31 Oct 13, he received his 2nd DUI. When he returned home from that arrest, I confronted him and asked who he was seeing. He admitted she sent me the email. For the next few months, he continued giving her rides everyday from and to work. I told him I wasn’t going to tolerate it. I also found out she was driving his vehicle as if it was hers. I immediately removed him from my insurance policy. I told him to leave and go live with her. He refused and admitted he didn’t love her or intended to leave me. But didn’t want to answer all the questions about her. I felt guilty that I was responsible for him straying. || Eventually, he got picked up a 3rd time and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days. In the last 2 incidents, he received jail time. I convinced him to sell his vehicle since he couldn’t drive. In the meantime, he told me he wanted to make our marriage work. So far, he’s been behaving and doing all the right things. For now, I keep close tabs on him. During one of these tabs, I found out he’s been seeing her longer than the 2009 he told me. The proof I have shows Oct 2006. I confronted and he admitted to it. Although he claims not to be in contact with her, I know she’s still trying to communicate with him. She thought of herself as his second wife who loved him. I believe she thinks she still has a chance with him because she’s begging him to let her know that it’s not over and sending old emails where they made future plans. more her than him. The interesting part of this whole saga is I saw her and he told the truth when he said I looked way better than her, better educated, better figure (she has big breasts) and other ways. He did admit that it was the attention. || I wish we could post videos. I have one of her showing her true ugliness.

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