Orbitz Mohnton Pennsylvania Review


Warning, ORBITZ allows you to select seats on your airline reservation but it means nothing! They just forward those requests to the airline and the airline honors them, if possible. You get no warning from ORBITZ OR the airline if the request is not fulfilled. In fact, if the request is not fulfilled you get no seats and find that out at checkout; at that time seats together are virtually impossible. This happened to me on a flight with my wife from Philadelphia to San Juan on 04-21-09. “Luckily

“” I found out upon 24-hour early checking and was able to purchase two “”select”” seats together at $20.00 a pop! Both USAIR and Orbitz passed the buck. nLesson

book with the airline


if you want seats together! The cost for the seats if not honored likely exceeds the savings nJuannMohnton

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