Olivia Rose Fenton – Charleston, South Carolina South Carolina


This girl is the definition of a manipulating toxic cheater. I first met this girl back in February where she first cheated on her boyfriend with me – by then I was already in love with her,and she assured me that their relationship was fading,she would send me nudes and videos of her fingering herself all the while when she was still in a relationship with someone else. I knew this was wrong, so I left her and told her I wouldn’t be associated with cheating and would only continue the relationship if she was single. So – time flew by and she FINALLY broke up with her ex boyfriend. We reconnect, and date and jump into a relationship for a few months – only to go through her manipulation once more as the day of her birthday, she cuddles up next to an old man who’s obsessed with her who’s age is of her own dad’s, all the meanwhile – I find out through her TWITCH CHANNEL (She’s a streamer – a fake gamer girl if you will) she streamed herself cuddling next to the guy all the meanwhile she was drunk. I then confront her,only to have her be defensive and say that her actions were okay, manipulating me to believe that I was in the wrong,I was nieve at the time and believed her,meanwhile my FRIENDS called me blind and dumb which were true. She is a terrible toxic human being who will cheat send nudes and videos at her descretion. She is Vanity based, she craves attention more than anything because of her lack of self esteem. She made a tumblr called “Prettylittlelambb” which shows her own picture of her nudes which includes various vaginal photos as well as full body ones. She did this in order to obtain the sexual attention she craved outside of her RELATIONSHIP. I created this post to warn others of how cold hearted and cheating manipilative she is. She will lead you on only to satisfy her own needs then coldly tell you “its over” once she’s done with you. She’ll say shes indecisive in relationships once she ends things,and believes that – that reasoning makes things fine. If you see this girl anywhere,avoid meeting her or dating her at all costs. She’s the definition of a manipulating sociopath. Run guys.

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