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My husband and I were having problems so we decided to try a trial separation for a couple months. We realized that we were better off apart and decide to get dissolution. Like many other couples, before things were finalized we thought we’d try to start over. We were doing great until our anniversary when I discovered his new friend. || They both said it wasn’t what I thought, they were only friends. I then found out it’d been going in for over six months, he’d go to her house at night while her husband worked third shift. He admitted to having an emotional relationship with her! This woman even notarized our dissolution papers without blinking an eye knowing what she was doing with my then husband. After that was discovered, I decided I was not willing to try to work on our relationship and I reported her to her boss. I then printed out copies of his phone records, which is in my name, and mailed them to her husband. || I don’t regret a thing that I did; I’ll take it all as a lesson learned! I learn more and more about him and her every day. It takes real trash for a married woman to post half naked photos of herself online talking about how the men love her curves…show some class already!

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