New World Marketing buys commercials at 1 to 10 percent of what the actual sale is. They upsell the commercials if they actually run your commercials. They did not run our commercials, and the radio station said they have no right to say they are any radio station. They are a third party that steals from people. We lost 1000 dollars to help missing children that they claim was a donation to a charity. We have a big heart, and they lied to us and there was no charity. They said they were going to run our donation on a radio station. To help missing children. On top of that they never aired our commercials. We feel taken and abused by this company. Really sad to see them do this to other people. They are only up selling radio spots. If you want to advertise call the radio station your self and you will see the prices are 100 times cheaper.. I demand Stop running a fake charity, Stop up selling people radio spots. And close your doors.. Stay away

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