NewCom, Inc and Aura Systems Tempe Arizona Review


NewCom, Inc. either makes CD-ROM drives that are JUNK! They were, within, the past year bought out by Aura Systems and then filed for bankruptcy. nA real chicken way out for a company that makes defective drives and does not stand behind warranties and also does not honor rebates. nI purchased a CD-Rom drive from them that was supposed to have a $20.00 rebate and a one year warranty. It was defective from the very beginning and I couldnt get a resonse from the company on how they were going to handle the problem. nThis thing makes as much noise as an jet taking off. I never did receive my rebate, either. It wasnt too long ago I saw Staples was still selling NewCom drives. I e-mailed them right away about the defective drives and my troubles with NewCom and did not receive a response from Staples, either. nNewCom makes, or made, drives for other companies as well, so when anyone wants to purchase a new CD-ROM, or even a CD-RW, drive they should contact the company and find out who the manufacturer is before buying. nIf it was made by NewCom pass on it and pay a little more for a good quality drive from a reputable manufacturer that doesnt file for bankruptcy so they dont have to honor warranties and rebates! Like NewCom!!!

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