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On March 7 and 9, 2009, I contacted Furniture-Showcase in Reidsville, NC. and spoke to Maegan Davenport. I informed her that i was looking for a king bed, which included head and foot boards and wood rails. She told me that she didn’t have one in stock, but was going to check the warehouse to see if they had one. I knew this was a long shot since I had been informed that this piece of furniture was a discontinued item. Maegan called me back and told me that the warehouse did have the king bed that i wanted. I asked her to send me photo just to make sure it was the correct one. She did and it was so I purchased it with a credit card. The total for the bed and a night stand came out to $899. My credit card was charged this amount on the 7th and 9th of March. She informed me that the bed would be shipped within 4 to 8 weeks. I thought this was extremely long, but was happy that I found the bed and would not have to buy a whole new bedroom set. I gave it 6 weeks and called Maegan back to see what the progress or lack thereof was. She told me that she had to call the warehouse and would call me back the next day. I waited for the call, which never came, and called her on the second day. She informed me that he warehouse was waiting to get a truck load of furniture before they made a trip for deliveries. I thought this was kind of odd, but I said, ok, two more weeks. The two weeks went by and no furniture. I called Maegan on a thursday and she told me that she would call me back, but that it was going to be on monday. Monday came and went and no phone call. I began to call and e-mail. I finally got through and spoke to Maegan again. She again told me that she would have to call the warehouse and see what the hold up was and that she would call the next day. I told her that I would call because it seemed that I could never get a call back from her. I called the next day and she told me that the reason the bed had not been sent yet was because the warehouse had the foot and head boards, but that the wood rails were missing. She asked me if I would take the metal rails instead. I told her that I didn’t want that, and that this is why I had specifically asked her to make sure they had what I needed. I told her that if they didn’t have the wood rails, that I didn’t want the bed and the night stand. I asked her to refund the money to the credit card, since that is what most companies do. I asked her how long it would be before I would see a credit to my card and she stated that she needed a couple of days to get it in order then when it was approved by the owner, it would be credited. To make a long story short, I still don’t have my refund and I cannot get them to answer their phones or respond to my e-mails. The manaber, Aaron, is the rudest person that I have encountered and I don’t understand why they cant return money that doesn’t belong to them.

1080 Freeway Drive Reidsville,, North Carolina United States of America


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