This person responded to an online ad, asked if I host websites, I responded yes. She then said that she wanted me to host her website and quickly. She told me her current host provider was going to take her site down and she didn’t want to loose all her years of work in her blog site. | I quoted her for basic hosting service and she told me she wanted me to host it. She paid me for the service, but then wanted me to move her site to the new server. I told her I’d need FTP access to her files, but she said she couldn’t do that, she didn’t want to tip off the current provider of her intent of moving so as not to loose her files (images, text, etc.). | I ended up providing over 10 hours of my time in collecting her content and moving it over. It was a WordPress site, so I had to recreate the paid theme, and all plugins, backed up the DB and installed this all on her new site. It turned out she had over 8 GB of data to move over. I explained that this requited a more expensive hosting package. She refused to pay for it and demanded her full monies back. Because she paid me via PayPal, she used them to refund my very hard earned money. | She lied and told them the “product” was a tangible one and that she never received it. PayPal told me I had to prove that I shipped it to her via a UPS/FedX/USPS tracking number or the monies to go bak to her which they ended up doing. I contested it, but they insist I didn’t provide adquate tracking info to prove she received her “intangible” product. She knew what she was doing and conned me out of many hours of work and conned PayPal to refund her money. | Don’t do business with this person. Don’t trust this person.


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