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I checked myself out for $1 then they took $29.95 last month, I called your number and got a refund in a day or two, today I noticed they took it again on 16th of this month, I did not sign up for anything and they had no info online about join ing a club or them in any way, I went to website today and see they have changed it and I can now see the info that says you must cancel, non of this info was in my veiw two month ago when I paid a dollar and did not even get my score..It looks like they are perhaps going to fix the rippoffs but too late for me to cancel until I get my refund… this is a terrible business, I see pages % pages of complaint on Google search…Please help, I am sure others have not seen the websites new info and still getting scammed, how can I cancel something I never joined by my knowledge and I am educated. I know they are not legit ..

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