Mutt Mart Nationwide Review

M states shipping within about 48 hrs and satisfaction guaranteed. Instead totally lost my order for weeks until I let them know. I inquired 3 weeks later by email repeatedly and phone message as no one answers. I get no response by either and no way to reach a human. All I get suddenly is a tracking number with no way to tell what it’s related to. I conclude has finally noticed the unshipped order and shipped it. No apology or fast shipping from as demanded. 30 days later the package arrives and the products reek of urine smell. Dogs won’t touch this crap. I’m going to donate the entire $100 order to the local shelter since God help me if I try to return it with their stocking fees, no humans and I have to pay shipping! AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Reno, Nevada United States of America

1 (877) 506-2288

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