Mountain Loan Centers Review


I was an employee with this company from 12-8-14 to 12-22-14 . My time at the company was short lived when I started being harrased by Amanda @ the Milcreek Branch at Mountain Loan Centers about my age. After making my complaint and informing Will Adams, THE SO CALLED MANAGER, about this problem, I was suddenly removed from the schedule and terminated for no reason 3 days before Christmas…no reason was given other than business was slow (really at Christmas?) The place was packed from open till close with people needing loans for the Christmas Holiday’s… But now another problem has crept up, which threatens to disrupt my otherwise peaceful excistance. This complaint is regarding the behavior of the immediate head of the branch , Mr. Will Adams and CEO (ALMA), and x-co-worker (AMANDA) Mr. Adams is the head at this branch of derelicts, they singled me out with harrassment. Now my Friends this company has refused to pay me my wages promised for hours worked. This company has managed to find some fault with me, even if there are none. I was constantly accused of not completing my daily work despite me meeting all my daily task. I have been kept out of team meetings. The formats for the reports are changed, Mr. Adams conveniently forgets to inform me about it, so that he has another reason to point fingers at me. On the 19 th of Dec. 2014 , Mr. Adams never informed me that I was terminated other than he was informed by corparate that he was not to place me on the schedule, because business was slow and then denied me access to the building, despite knowing that I needed to work or atleast be professional and tell me what’s going on . I have been left feeling harassed by these people… I even spoke with the CEO (ALMA)about this issue regarding me, but he denied any kind of indifferent behavior towards me. Finally, I have taken this step to inform the EEOC of this behavior by Mountain loan Center and as well file a personal Law suit, A written complaint has been filed with the UTAH LABOR COMMISSION…..They talk and make fun of their consumers daily, act as though they are better than you, that you need them, DON’t GIVE THEM THE SATISFACTION ! Go else where…these people are nothing but SCUM!

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