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Since last year 210 Cranbury is infested with cockroaches, I informed Dan Swope on numbers occasions about this problem. The problem was so bad that I tried myself to get rid of them myself since Dan, did not follow up, his first response in is own word that no one else is complaining about this. I even hired and outside pest control to combat the cockroaches and I have in writing a copy of the invoices and payment to the outside pest control. I felt like I was left with no choice I have a small child living in my home and he has allergies and roaches carry diseases. When I would go to the office I was told by Dan that the exterminator only come in on the first Tuesday of the month. There were numbers times that the exterminator did not come to my apt. Recently that the exterminators are coming more frequently for the last 3 months to the apt in my section but its a little to late because the roaches are in the wall. Besides the roaches that are in the apartments. Now there are scratching and squeaking in the walls and ceilings in the apartment. I and this has being going on for weeks. I went to the office this past Saturday to report the new issue and also the past issues and I was told that the last complaint listed was an year ago. I did tell hear that I have spoke to Dan several times and that I can”t figure out why these issues with this apartment was never noted. These living conditions are unacceptable, I feel that know one should have to live like this. I have reached out by calling and this has been going on for over a year and the issue is not being handle. On top of that there is another issue as well. I am at my wits end to the point of contacting the Department of Health and posting on social media. Maybe then I will get results.

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