Monika Gooding Laporte, Indiana Indiana


I have been with my husband for 16 years and we have two children together. This cum dumpster was the cleaning lady where my husband worked. I didn’t know her, but I saw her a few times and I heard lots of stories about her. Supposedly she ran around hugging on all the men and acting like a Horney teenager. Oh, I forgot to mention she is married, almost 40 years old and has four kids! || Anyway, my husband and I were having a few problems and she took full advantage of the situation. Needless to say my husband is not innocent! He took her out to her minivan and had sex with her. This happened many times. When my husband told her what they were doing was wrong she flipped out. She went home, told her husband about the affair, packed her bags and left her family. The next day at work she told my husband she loved him and would do anything to be with him, including leaving her children as it turns out. My husband didn’t end it because he was scared if he did she would tell me (coward). I found out from her husband. He sent me a text on Facebook. My husband went to the cum dumpsters house and begged her not to tell me and the dumb whore agreed in order to still be with him! || As I packed my bags to leave my husband broke down in tears and admitted everything. He told me he did it and that he was scared to end it. He said he didn’t realize it at first but she had no self-esteem and mental problems and he was scared of what she would do. I have never been so hurt in my life! I called this whore. She told me they were in love and that he loved her and treated her good. She also said the only time they spent together was having sex in her van, a couple times in the foundry bathroom where they worked and at a hotel. I don’t see love in any of that. All I see is a married woman being a slut and spreading her legs to another woman’s husband! || It has been exactly a year since all of this happened and my husband still begs me to give him another chance. As far as I know this whore went back to her poor husband and is pretending to be a good wife and mommy. I didn’t share this just to put this stupid whore on blast. I shared it for me. I still think about this daily! I was one of those stupid women who believed in true love and soul mates and I thought he was”the one”.  We had been through so much together and no matter what the situation was we worked together to get through it. He told me stories about his friends who cheated and faked disgust. He claimed I was his soul mate and nobody could ever take my place. He stood in a church in front of all of our friends and family and swore to stay faithful. My marriage was a sham. I was so heartbroken I laid in bed and cried for months. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had just lost to this whore. I lost 80lbs in two months from not eating. I got so far behind in rent I lost my home. I was pathetic. || I have now learned a lot from this situation. Never give all of yourself to someone unless you want to be torn apart, never depend on anyone else to take care of you and true love is a fairy tale. I hate this slut and I hate him too. Monika Gooding wrecked two homes. Mine and hers. Not sure where she works now but she was the cleaning lady at a foundry full of men. She would have slept with any of them. Unfortunately my husband was the dumbass who did it. Where ever she is, if you see her keep your man away because as soon as you turn your head she’s going to be all over him! She said she hugs all over everyone to be nice. I guess that excuses her sluttiness. Being married didn’t stop her from cheating, me finding out wasn’t going to stop her from cheating, and her children weren’t enough to keep her at home. Beware ladies. There’s no telling what a dog will do when she’s in heat.

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