Miranda Swangler Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


I have been married to my husband for 10 yrs … 2 kids and pregnant with his 3rd…. This girl was his friend on fb so I know she knew we had a family and we’re married. I’m sure he wasn’t innocent but what gets me is that she knew. || I knew my husband was cheating but didn’t know with who yet, 2 days before my birthday he went out came home at 1 pm and I don’t know how I broke into his phone and seen messages from”lilman” lol he didn’t even have it under her name and she swears it was love. Anyways, them sending messages to each other talking about being in love and this and that. I called her and her response was ask him I’m sleeping. || Long story short she said my husband wanted to be with her and was only with me for my kids……and that she was sorry it happened and that I was mad at the wrong person. Girl I’m not mad I feel sorry for you and disgusted on the way she had no respect for my kids. I know my husband isn’t innocent but I can’t stand that she knew about me. She posted on fb January 27th that she was in a relationship saying he was the one and how happy she was. Wow with someone’s husband….wtf… || Well 2 wks ago she posted pics I’m sure for me to see, yes I’m guilty I stalked her page, of my husband and her. God the feeling I had. Like I said I don’t just blame her….but her acting like she did nothing wrong, no remorse.  I feel she deserves for everyone to know what she did….god bless…. Karma is a bitch hope you never feel this pain.

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