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I have have countless issues with State farm starting roughly in Nov. 2014. I was searching for new insurance to try and get a lower rate in Nov. I called Mimi to advs her that I found coverage for $119per month Vs the $135 I was paying, her and I discussed my policy and she stated after making changes that I will be paying $119 per month. A month goes by and 2nd week of Dec I get my bill for $135, I call the agents office and ask no one can tell me why it went back to $135 and stated I HAVE to speak to Mimi, I leave a msg for her..over the next monthi try numerous times through the agents office and the after hours service to get in touch with Mimi with no luck. Roughly the first week of January I call and request that my payment for the month of January Not be Ran until I speak to her so I can know why my policy went right back to the original amount they said OK. Over the Next couple of weeks I try over and over to try and get in touch with her again with no luck. On Jan 27th my payment (that I specifically asked that they not run until I spoke to Mimi) ran anyway. I call explain the situation to after hours they can not rvrs the payment even though I asked them to not run it (I ended up having to dispute it with my bank) , transfer me to my agents office and I spoke to Erin Abraham-Rankin she was Rude, unprofessional and Condescending, and laughed at me at points in the conversation, never one time From Nov-Feb12th. when I started a policy at a new company did not I hear from Mimi however I did speak to a rep who advsd me that the way she got my bill down that 1 month was because she gave me a credit and lied and said that the amount of $119/mo would be my new premium just so that I would stay insured with State Farm. Bottom line this Agents office Mimi Cheeks-Lang will lie cheat and steal to keep customers then not want to help when you need them, during and after being insured with them (at least with this agents office). I don’t believe that State Frm is aware of how the Agents office is representing their company. I find it Very hard to believe that a) she was out of the office for over a month and a half b) that she was the only person that could help me. I would suggest that people research who their agents are before they sign up because it sucks to get an agent ( and the customer service that goes with it ) like I had.

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