Michelle DeHart Batesville, Arkansas Arkansas


***The last photo is the wife with the husband*** || My husband Timothy Hughes and I have been married to 3 years. We have the most beautiful children together. I have been a hardworking, loyal and dedicated wife. I have supported this man to chase his dreams and believed in him that he could be a great person and athlete. He has this dream to excel in football. All I do is work and come home to my family. My husband doesn’t work and so he stays home with the kids. The week before our wedding anniversary he had been acting strangely. He kept complaining being with the kids and just kept nagging how hard it is. There are 4 children at home. I was working over 50 hours and he had left several nights in a row saying he went play video games with his friend which literally lives right across from my house. The night before our anniversary I got tired of waiting just being off work I just wanted to be with my love. I went to his friends house and he said he never came over. Everything ran across my mind! He comes home and tell me that he doesn’t have to answer to my fatass. I check his Facebook and strangely this girl name Michelle DeHart likes every single one if his pics even some I was tagged in. So I confront her. I ask her as a woman whether there is something going on between my husband and her. She claims nothing and not knowing who he is. And she comes to my job in my face makes jokes and comments as if she wasn’t up to anything. So my husband and I share emails and so her number was in the contact list and I called it come to find out they have been seeing each other. So I left. I was not about to come home to a cheater while I pay all the bills and provide. He begs and pleads with me that nothing happened. And that they just went for a walk. And I told him to choose me or her. She messages me saying that she had ended things with him being a respectful woman and all. And he told me he had blocked her.. So we made up and happier than ever. Cuddled every night just loved each other. || Now up to present time which is two weeks later this past sat I found out he had been picking her up at work in my truck or meeting her at the end of the road and they would literally be with each other until I get off work and see each other again. He would make my kids go in the room and play while she comes to hang out. I go crazy because past week my husband and I had sex every other day literally telling me he loves me. And come to find out he had been having an affair while I was working. Or every time I would come home he would lie about going to a homeboys house just to see her. I go crazy this girl lives behind the home boys house. Im with my friends wanting to spend time with him when all along he planned on seeing her. They’re all literally facing my house. I come banging on her door. Her roommate claim she is with my husband. He comes home suddenly claiming me and him arent together. That he does as he please. He is a grown man he dont answer or run by anyone. We argue that night he threatened to slash my tires and dump all the food i had bought. He talks about my weight how she is better at sexual things than I am. How ugly I am compared to her. The next day I catch her in her stepmom SUV and she doesn’t want to come out. Because she was obviously scared for a beating. His mom comes to my house I have to go to my house which is a house away and I’m being attacked. Telling me I’m not doing my role as a wife. I must be doing something wrong for him to want to do this to me. He suddenly now claims we wasnt together after what he had said and things we done many nights prior to this. Realizing all them days at work and he comes in to kiss me or even bring me food I felt he was perfect. I just bawl. || I’m humiliated. I’m ashamed. I couldn’t believe why I deserved this. Like what the hell is going on ran through my mind. All I was thinking about was beating her ass. He tells her step mom and his mom that he is happy with her he wants to be with her. And the stepmom mentions how he claims we wasn’t together the whole time. WE ARE MARRIED! And her dad literally didn’t approve and told her she had to choose. She had said her father but lied because they didn’t end things. Tim gets mad and tells me I’m a horrible person for causing this. He aims at my weight. He talks about how ugly I am. All I’m good for is making babies. That all I do is work I don’t cook clean or help with the kids. When he knows that’s a lie. Now we are getting evicted because I refuse to pay rent. I refuse to be here anymore. I text her explaining to her how I had came out my way to be a woman and confront her and she had still lied and she had responded”you’re just mad we are together and happy.” || I just don’t know how to explain to my kids that our family is broken due to some homewrecker. I’m full of anger, hate, and foolishness. I’m beyond heartbroken. My family is broken.

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