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This is NOT about revenge or bitterness, this is about CLOSURE. Telling MY side of the story. My HW has manipulated the man I married into someone who is unrecognizable to me. He was a wonderful man with a great heart and a good soul before SHE came along. When he came into my life I knew we would be together forever, we were inseparable. He took my two kids in from my first marriage and treated them like they were his own. Eventually he adopted them and we went through years of medical procedures and treatments so that I could give him a child of his own. Even complete strangers could see how much in love we were. Then his work took him away from home, a lot of the guys went out and drank, which is something my husband never did, but he started to anyway. I don’t know the details of who started all of this, all I know that two weeks before Christmas LAST year, I found out about HER.They had been seeing each other for months and of course I had no clue. I drove eight hours to Midland to confront him about her. I even called her and told her that I wanted my husband back, I was absolutely crushed. He packed his things and came home to work things out, or so I thought. I later found out that they had continued to talk. I found out from her that when they first met, she didn’t know he was married. But found out shortly after they started talking. She KNEW about his family, but didn’t care. We talked a lot at first until I found out that she was taking everything I said and manipulating it to her benefit. She played on his guilt and convinced him there was NO way we could work things out. In February, he had decided he was coming home, we were going to work things out. That day while he was driving home she called to tell me that he wasnt choosing between me or her, he was choosing between her or our kids! (Mind games I know, but a little pathetic on her part, But she KNEW she was about to loose him) so she waited until he got home and started calling, he wouldnt answer at first but she continued to call his phone our home phone and so on until she could talk to him. Needless to say our talk of reconciliation turned into a major argument instead and again, she had won. She had told me before that what appealed to her about my husband was that he wasn’t from her hometown and didn’t know who she was. (I’m guessing for good reason, so she could be whoever she pretended to be with him) She told all of her friends and family that me and my husband were already separated before she met him so their relationship was not a problem to anyone who knew her. But that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. I’m not saying our marriage was perfect but to everyone who knew us, NO ONE suspected him of cheating. We were still doing things as a family, still sleeping together and there were NO signs of him being unhappy, much less wanting a divorce!!. It just wasnt the type of person that he was. All of our close friends and family were completely shocked! I trusted him completely and loved him!! I even went so far as to email her mother, in hopes that she would help. I explained to her how the man her daughter had been seeing was married with a family of his own and while I know it takes two to have an affair, that her daughter was playing a major role in the destruction of our marriage, the lives of our kids and our home. Well, apparently having no morals runs in the family because I got absolutely NO response from her and their affair continued. She used my husband to get over her failed marriage (which btw, failed because she cheated, shocker, I know) and has continued to show no respect or remorse for what she has done.My husband, on the other hand, HATES himself for what he has done! He regrets what he has done and has even told HER that he regrets their relationship,but she continues to be with him. She NEEDS him, because she has created a world of lies around herself and her failed marriage that he has helped her through and he has become a part of. She can not face the reality that she is just there to fill a space for him. ┬áTheir entire relationship was built on lies and deceit, while ours was built on love and trust and eventually ended in lies and deceit. She has a lot of people fooled, but not me. She is an insecure, self centered, manipulative person with NO self respect or morals. ANY woman who can knowingly break up a home and still sleep at night has NO conscience in my book. To do or say the things that she has and to know the truth about everything and still believe herself to be special to someone is completely insane. I hope and pray that one day she will realize what she really is and the pain that she has knowingly inflicted on our family and what she has done. || My husband, still regrets what he has done, he struggles every day with the fact of the pain he has caused to me and our family. He still believes that it can’t be fixed and I can’t help but blame her and her manipulative ways for that. I know that it is ultimately HIS choice to make but sometimes we choose the easier path because well, its easier than fighting for what you truly want. But I can finally have peace knowing that MY side has been told. Whether anyone believes it or not is their own choice. But I know in my heart that I have done everything i could have possibly done to save our marriage and our family. I have his heart and that is something SHE will never have.

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