Michael Dale Dodd Review


Liz Harrison, Randy Boles, Brenda Fisher, Art Smith & Dominick Tambone attacked a man wrongfully blaming him on reporting a fraudulent Go Fund Me of Dominick Tambone’s, Brenda Fisher created a blog called maddoggurudodo.weebly.com, Liz Harrison and Randy Boles Foxie Fund group Admins and Admins for pOmFaBuLouS that promoted Foxies Fund at that time that helped hand this terrible blog out in their group pOmFaBuLouS that suggested beating a Chihuahua over the head with a crow bar, drowning & burying dogs also using other people Dogs from this man’s group to slander and project harm upon animals, These followers of Brenda Fisher are also physco narcissist sociopaths for following this bunch of crooks, These screen shots show be on a reason of doubt of how they attacked this person Michael Dale Dodd.Liz Harrison even went to the extreme of calling this man over the phone threatening she would harm his Grand Children if a post was not taken down on his wall, The wall the post was was not on Mr. Dodd’s personal face book wall and Mr. Dodd was not Mrs. Cole a former admin of Liz Harrison’s which did post Liz Harrison’s house, A fight went on between these two women and Brenda Fisher was telling others Mr. Dodd and Mrs. Cole was the same person which they are not .Mr. Dodd handed the phone to his neighbor which is a investigator with the PCSD in Polk County Florida, after Liz Harrison questioned him, he gave his badge number out and informed Liz Harrison not to call Mr. Dodd with these type threats again this would be felon harassment, Mrs Cole was a donator of Foxies Fund also a former admin of Liz Harrison’s group pOmFaBuLouS and Art Smith scammed her debit care of 250.00 on a Paisy calendar which was Admin Charla Lowry Dog Mrs. Cole donated 50 dollar and 250 more was deducted from her debit card without her consent.Liz Harrison also orchestrated attacks on Michael Dale Dodd and his Facebook groups screen shots from a pOmFaBuLouS admin chat prove this be on a doubt, We have never witness any legitimate 501c3 act in such manner as these bunch of frauds and scammers that attack others, Our suggestion is not to donate to the Foxies Fund Inc or Foxies Fund Face Book group from Norcross Georgia, Dominick Tambone and Art Smith along with other are scammers and have been known to attack people, When Dominick Tambone’s Go Fund Me account was frozen for fraud Liz Harrison opened a Go Fund Me account under her name .This is organized crime, Our investigation team has a witness list and anyone wanting to challenge our proof of misconduct by a charity organization is welcome our attorney’s are in place waiting, We do not have to bow down to any Cease and Desist order from any Foxies Fund attorney fact is a counter suit and criminal charges could be filed for conspiracy to commit fraud along with changing or altering Florida court document arrest records which is also a felon, The Viewer can see the screen shots show clear evidence Liz Harrison ordered her Admins to attack Michael Dale Dodd also she allowed the posting in her group pOmFaBuLouS of the maddoggurododo.weebly page suggesting abusing dogs | www.facebook.com/lizzie1151 | www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008355577825 | www.facebook.com/angelpuppies | www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008989547321


  • Name: Michael Dale Dodd
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Winter Haven
  • Address: 6365 Crystal Beach Rd.
  • Phone: (863) 289-0886
  • Website:

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