MEGA FURNITURE Chandler Arizona Review


DO NOT BUY! Scummy lying salesman! The mgr Jason had the nerve to tell me he didn’t want to lose my $4k sale cause it affected his paycheck. I STILL have NOT received the ottoman that was promised to me over two weeks ago & guaranteed delivery BEFORE Christmas. HORRIBLE company!!When we came down to the store to confront them, Jason the scummy snake “manager”” came outside like he wanted to fight my husband & when my husband didn’t back down

he called the police & said my husband spit in his face & pointed a gun at him. Jason looked like a real idiot when the cops showed up & all that was there was an unfulfilled sales order by the LIARS at mega furniture.Another note

do NOT be tricked into their “”90days same as cash””. It’s not….it’s a bullsh*t lease that locks you into an OBSCENE amount of interest…like 40 something %.Same with “”same or next day delivery guaranteed”” …..ya right what a joke! They can’t deliver in the same week let alone the same day.My advice…buy from Axxxxx (((REDACTED))) furniture. They have furniture priced the same

their salesman have class & deliver a quality product on time as promised! sorry

allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition

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