Maribel Maldonado – Tucson, Arizona Arizona


Wives beware of Maribel Maldonado. If your husband works with her chances are she will have sex with him. She will introduce her self to you be sweet as can be. She will make friends with your family and even your 2 year old son. Then when she is a work with your husband start out texting him with “have you ever cheated on your wife, would you?” With that single text began the destruction of a family. She knew I was pregnant and pretended to be a friend. She made herself so easy as to have sex with my husband at her job Hotel Arizona. She never cared about my family, my son, or the still born child I gave birth to during this period. She especially didn’t care about her very caring, committed and kind boyfriend she devastated with her actions. Nor did she care about her young son she was neglecting at home to chase another womens husband. When I confronted¬† her I got the least genuine appology “I am sorry what do you want me to say.” She is the definition of evil and truly has no soul, she is not your friend and never will be. Never let your guard down women.

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