Margaret M. Deyton Frederick, Maryland Maryland


After I gave birth to my second child I then left my job to stay home and raise our two small children. While I was home raising our children, cooking dinner, washing his clothes, maintaining the household, my EX to be was busy fucking this homewrecking whore from his work. He started leaving for work earlier and earlier and getting home later and later. Anytime I’d ask him if he’d like me to bring the baby up and have lunch with him, he’d tell me he doesn’t take lunch and just works through lunch. Lies. I started getting a gut feeling about what was going on but it wasn’t until his CO-WORKERS decided they’d seen enough and contacted me to let me know something was going on. I then started investigating and found phone records for the past two years with her phone number taking up pages and pages of the call histories and texts. I confronted him and he was very cocky saying he wasn’t admitting anything an all I had was phone records. Yeah, well his co workers also sent me pictures of the two of them, snapped pictures of his secret credit card bill that he’d leave on his desk with the hotel charges and not to mention his whore would blab her mouth to the WRONG people. I got to hear all the things she talked about and all the bullshit lies that he was telling HER about our marriage. || I asked him after everyhthing blew up why he did this. He said because it felt like a roommate situation more than a marriage. Well feeling or not it WAS a marriage. He’s a selfish prick who only ever cared about what HE wanted and always will. EVERYONE told me and begged me not to marry him. Now I see what they all saw in him. He’s was, is and always will be a piece of shit…which brings me back to her. She claims she’s separated from her husband…however there are NO legal documents to be found with anything indicating that she is separated or divorced. That is public record and can be looked up, SHE IS STILL MARRIED. My only hope is that her husband (removed) will one day get bored and decide to google his or her name and finds THIS. And if you do, I have TONS of evidence for your divorce case if you’d like to have it! Margaret Mary Deyton (Maggie) of Thurmont Maryland, works at (removed) as does that cheating piece of shit that I married. She KNEW he was married and had 2 small kids at home, she KNEW all this and still fucked him anyway. Homewrecking WHORE! I hope they both get what they deserve because karma is a bitch, and she’s my best friend!

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