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Hmmm, where to begin…. Well, I live in Brookings, SD and my boyfriend/fiance lives in Danube, MN about 2 hrs away from me. I met Mike Volez in November 2013, we have been dating for several months and I decided it was safe to bring my daughter into the relationship as she is only 12, and what I mean by”safe” is I had to trust, believe and have faith in him as I have been married 2x before and they all ended up in lying, stealing and cheating (and not on my part), so I am very leery about the men I date. But Mike, he seemed like a pretty honest man, he has his own business, and his father and him farm as well as raise hogs. He was very attentive, we talked about everything including our past and past relationships, he had only been divorced from his wife for a year and he had explained that she was a liar and a cheater, I told him about my past 2 marriages and how my daughter’s dad lied, stole $35,000 from me and cheated with the woman whom he is now married to. I told him that the one thing that would kill me in a relationship was a liar and a cheater, he promised me he would never ever do that, and he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and my daughter; even his family adored me and my daughter, always buying my daughter little gifts here and there and little things like that. || Well, fast forward to April 2014, he went with my daughter to Omaha, NE for a pageant that we were both in and then I spent every weekend from then on at the farm with my daughter. The weekend of April 26th, we were getting brakes and rotors to put on my car and as we were in his little town he stopped at the local DQ and in the parking lot he proposed and gave my a ring that was in a Riddles box on the side of his truck, (yes, I so wanted to marry this guy), I was a little hesitant and he asked if I liked the ring, (of course I did), but I said that I wanted to wait a little longer (as I needed to be sure). He said that was fine and he understood and also said he would do nothing to jeopardize our relationship. || As we went into May, I had some things going on with my job and a dear friend’s going away party and he had 2 weekends of bachelor parties that he had to attend and not to mention the planting of his fields, we both knew that it would be hard/stressful and on May 7th, I unexpectedly lost my job. Mike was like”don’t worry” we can make it, you can come work with me and so on and so forth…I have to admit I was pretty worried as I am a single mom, and now no income. Things eventually got worse, he started avoiding my texts and calls, he said he was busy in the fields (which I believed as farming season was behind). A couple of weeks prior I noticed that I couldn’t post to his Facebook wall, I told him that I couldn’t and he said that was strange, On May 9th, I noticed of FB that I was no longer in a relationship status, I got up at 4 in the morning and drove 2 hrs to see him as he wasn’t answering my calls or texts, I found him at the hog barn, unloading pigs with a girl (who ended up to be the one that he slept with) and another guy. I talked to him and asked why he wasn’t calling or texting back, he said”he was busy with the hogs, and planting, then I asked about the his FB page and he said”hmmm, I must have been hacked,” he then said that he was planning on coming to see me on Sunday (mother’s day) after he had brunch with his mom, I even asked if he was staying the night and he said yes, as he had a plan for me and my recent unemployment and that we would talk then, I also said I had a surprise and birthday presents for him (his birthday was the following Monday). So I went back to his house and grab some money that he told me to get out of his jeans pocket, well, I went down the hall and saw a pair of women’s size 30 Silver jeans on the floor between the bathroom and his room (I thought that he had found them in one of his boxes he was going through and that they were his ex-wife’s, so I didn’t read much into it), then I went to his side of the bed and there on the floor were a pair of hot pink thong panties, I will admit I wasn’t sure what to do, I think I went into denial, (because he knew that was the one thing that that would kill me), I picked them up and just stood there with my heart racing, I just didn’t want to believe it so I put them on the bed and walked out, grab the money and left. || Well guess what? He never showed up on Sunday, and he avoided my calls, I looked on his FB and sure enough, my suspicious thoughts were right, instead of me as his relationship status there was a woman named Mandee Jakel. I immediately called his mom and told her everything and she tried to assure me that I was his one and only and that she has never seen this person at the farm and she also said that she thought the reason I wasn’t up there was because of the bachelor parties and my stuff in Brookings. || I snooped on FB and found Mandee Jakel, and what I found out was completely appalling, first of all, she is 10 yrs younger than he is, second she never graduated high school, third and most shockingly, was that she was a meth-head that got caught and was on her way to prison, she had a 5 yr old son that had been taken away for forever (no way can she get him back) and she was 1 yr sober, (she had a pic. of her holding the NA keychain), she is currently in Rehab again and they moved her from Willmar, MN to St. Cloud, MN. || I waited until Tuesday thinking he’d call me or whatever and finally decided to text him to get his ass over here and return my key and to pick up his things, he immediately texted back and even better was at my house within 2 hrs! I let him in and said we need to talk, he was like”I don’t have time” and I said”well better make time, cuz we need to talk”. I told him what I saw on FB and asked if that was true (mind you I was still his friend and my picture was still there on FB), he said” no that he was hacked into and that he WAS NOT in a relationship and that he would NEVER EVER date or be associated with someone like that. Mike literally broke down to me, he cried and told me how bad things were with the farm and how stressed he was and assured me that he was not in a relationship, we talked for a good 2 1/2 hrs before he left; I gave him all his birthday presents including Brantley Gilbert concert tickets for that following Friday (May 16th), and he promised that we would go. He even promised that he would fix his FB status and get her off the page. || All during that week everything seemed well, he was back calling me and texting me and even sending videos of him on his tractor plowing and seeding the fields. Until Friday came around, he said he was coming assured me that day even that everything was going good, well up until about 3 o’clock, everything after that went bad, he said he couldn’t come up because they were behind in planting (which I believed because it was a very wet spring and all farmers were behind). I tried everything in my power to get him to come, but he wouldn’t, so I ended up taking my daughter, but he texted and even called so he could hear the concert. || That following weekend, he said he would come down on Monday the 20th but then said that he was fixing the brakes on his truck and found out the wheel bearing was bad, then said he’d come on Tuesday the 21st after he got the wheel bearing in and put on, never came I even joked about it and texted him that he stood me up again. Everytime he’d say he was coming he never did, he even promised my daughter that he would be there for her dance recital on May 23rd ( I even told him that he had better keep his promise and I told him that I didn’t want to tell her that he was coming and then have him not show, he told me to go ahead and tell her), guess what? Yep, he never came, he even went so far as to text her that he was coming and he never showed (it broke her heart literally). || Then came the threatening FB messages from Mandee Jakel, telling me that I better stop calling and texting him or she was going to come up and kick my ass, This went on for a few days as I was trying to get Mike to come to Brookings to get his things (clothes, his dog’s stuff and his 2 bikes that he gave me)… So basically since around May 9th he had been cheating and lying to me with this meth-head of a woman. || A week later (when this was officially over) Mandee Jakel FB messaged me telling me she was sorry for threatening me and she found out how bad of a liar Mike Volez was, apparently they went to a wedding (a wedding I was supposed to be at), and she talked to Mike’s mother who told her everything and now she wanted to know if that was the truth, I told that every bit of it was true and his mom was 100% right, I screen shot all of our texts (from beginning of our relationship up to the very end, I kept all of everything as proof), she even asked if I was the girl that Saturday she saw in the hog barn talking to Mike, I said I was. I even told her about the ring and what it looked like, and low and behold YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS, that exact ring was now on her finger (I got ahold of Mike’s ex-wife and told her everything even how he said that she cheated and lied, and she had said none of that was true and wait for it………that ring he gave me? and now was on Mandee Jakel’s finger? was actually hers from their marriage!!!!) I even told Mandee all of this…. || Through all of Mike Voelz’s lies and deceit, Mandee is staying with him, as of course she should, she even told me she cheated in the past and she was a changed person (umm ok, you just cheated with Mike on me so how is that any different?) Through all of this I found out that they were cheating with each other on me since April 9th, 2014, he proposed to me April 26th, Really? I have uploaded pics of her and him and if ya want you can find them on FB and see more….. || Through all of this I gained Mike’s ex-wife as a friend, his sister (who totally despises Mike) and 5 of his friends that think that he is a total idiot. I also found out through mutual friends in Omaha that they recognized him (but didn’t want to say anything because they saw how happy I was with him) But I guess one of the daughters (who is a stripper and a recovering drug addict) apparently knew him from when she was in Minnesota visiting her boyfriend, I guess from what she said they used to do drugs together, I don’t get how I was so in the dark with all of this, I thought he was a good man, his family are very christian like, he has a bachelors in AG, his own business and a farm…I have a Bachelors in global studies, a god-fearing woman who has raised my daughter through thick and thin, to be the best and good person as she can possibly be (when her dad wasn’t there), good job now (I am a legal secretary for a law firm). How could I not see his lies and deceit and being cheated on… I am very angry but not at myself but angry for my daughter who was hurt, she adored him and looked up to him, what is he teaching her, that its ok for men to cheat and lie, to be deceitful? Itís not fair for her because she knows what her dad did to me and now this… Please get this out to everyone because I know that KARMA is going to come and kick both of them in the ass….and I DON’T want another person hurt by these 2 asses! || || >

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