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This was the LAST person that I suspected would betray me, my best friend of 8 long years. My husband and I were married for 3 years. We had a daughter together back in 2011. I was only 19 when I got pregnant and was scared to death. This”friend” of mine would encourage me to abort my child constantly. My husband was thrilled. I was too, just very scared. Anyway, my marriage was not all puppy dogs and kitty cats. This man and I was CRAZY for each other. We got married way too quickly and moved in together quickly as well. I had no idea that I had married a narcissist until I was too deep in. He backed me into a chair one day and choked me. I cannot explain why I stayed. I told myself it was love but really, I’m sure it was fear. He broke his phone in half one night and threatened me because I told him how I felt. Obviously, he wasn’t a good man anyway. || A mutual friend of ours got married and we had decided that would be the perfect moment to let everyone know our big news about the new baby. It was actually a good time in our lives. He hasn’t had a single outburst in a while; finances were good, and all that. Well, the reception was an open bar. He ordered his first drink and brought me one saying that if I hadn’t drank, people would be suspicious. Well, I guess that meant he didn’t plan on telling anyone. He got way too drunk that night and when we got home, we got into an argument because he had been hanging all over a different girls all night long. He climbed on top of his 12 week pregnant wife and he beat me so badly that my lip piercing was ripped out of my lip. Again, don’t ask me why I stayed. I should have called the cops right then but I instead called one if HIS friends and told him everything. The friend insisted we work it out and get him help because it turns out, he isn’t just violent with women, he is violent in general. || Fast forward to 2013. The abuse had not stopped. It had died down but there was a day that he choked me in front of our 3 month old to the point where I thought that was it. I thought I was going to die that day. There were numerous times where he would cuss and yell at my infant. He’s just a monster. || Here enters this whore. Her and my husband had never really met. They had on occasion but never really talked much. When we got our last place together, she started coming around more. One day, she actually argued that my unborn child was a parasite. She has openly said that she loves not having to work and live off the government because she doesn’t believe that working is worth giving up happiness. She also doesn’t believe in showering or shaving. Yeah, one if those new age hippies. || So, when she started coming around she always told me how cool my husband was. I was excited about this since most of my friends had given up on having a friendship with me because my abuser wouldn’t let them. But he liked Lyndsey. She would come to my house and stay until 3 in the morning while I beg her to leave so I could sleep. But she insisted that her and my husband could just hang out. I trusted her with everything in me but I should’ve seen the signs. || My husband approached me with Lyndsey they were telling me that he was unhappy and didn’t want to be with me anymore. Lyndsey constantly encouraged him to leave and would explain how I was irrational for wanting him to stay. One day, he left. He was gone for a few days telling me he just needed space and all that. I told him that I was filing for divorce. As soon as I said that, he was back home. On April 1st I found something very disturbing. A”plan” he had written up to get Lyndsey and her boyfriend of 5 years to break up and force her to fall in love with him. I confronted him and he demanded I give him the paper or he was going to put my head through the wall. The abuse was back. My sister was over and thank god she was watching my daughter because he attacked me in the bathroom. I had enough. I called the police. He also called the police and told them that I had a weapon and all kinds of BS. He had scratches on his arm from work that day and told the police and everyone we know that I did it. I was beaten, threatened, tortured, raped, and verbally abused for 3 years and when I finally had enough was bullied by all of my loved ones and the police. He was not arrested. || For some stupid reason, we decided to work it out but live in separate households. He was constantly blowing me off. When he would come to see our daughter he would lock himself in my bedroom and smoke pot and sit on Facebook. It was sad. After almost a month, he finally came to get his things and he brought my best friend with him. She told me that they had been together for the past couple of weeks and it was my fault because I supposedly blamed her for the”plan”. Actually, I stuck by her and trusted her more than anyone. When I asked her about her boyfriend Matt she explained that he didn’t want to move to California with her and my heart dropped. So she took my child’s father away AND was planning to move across the country with him? I was a wreck. Literally thought I was going to die of a broken heart. She didn’t care that him and I were still having sex and fixing things. At that moment, I decided a restraining order was best. I needed to be away from the monster that I married for a long time. Well, he found out that I was getting it and got one against me first. It was approved on the grounds that I admitted to the judge to snapping and blowing his phone up because he was a cheating bastard. But I got my order against him also and custody of my daughter. || The last order is over in November. For the first three months he made no attempt to see his child. My mother in law texted me the other day saying that he wanted to see her. I refused. The house he is living at is a drug house where I have found out her and him prostitute out of plus he is terrifying. Of course, his whole family blames everything on me. He tells them that I drank and did drugs my whole pregnancy and I forced him to fail out of college and quit his jobs. Blah blah. He has paid no child support because him and his whore spend it all on drugs. || I’m thankful that she finally opened my eyes to the nightmare that I was living. But it’s opened another life that I don’t like either. I can’t stop thinking about them and how he might treat her better than he ever did me. I am more hurt by her than I am him. How can I trust another person that I would take a bullet for ever again? This girl was my family and the man might have broken my heart but she shattered it. Everyone says that there’s a light at the end of this horrible road so I’m trying my best to stay positive and give my daughter the life she deserves. And neither of them deserves to have this beautiful angel in their lives.

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