Lindsey Sharp Howell Ozark, Arkansas Arkansas


My husband Dennis and I had just become pregnant with our 2nd daughter in 2013. Lindsey (the whore) started pursuing my husband in Feb 2013 continued dating him and moved in with him (he worked out of town on an oil rig) for months before he finally lost that job and came home at that point she decided to tell me about the affair. Called me 7 months pregnant after sending police to my home looking for him and calling his entire family (every Bishop in the phone book) stating he was missing. Gave me every nasty detail about how he’d go home to her after a visit with me and describe to her how much we”fought”. I of course confronted Dennis and he ran off to her. || From July till now any time he decides he wants to work it out she lures him back. Even when our baby was in nice almost dead (from stress during pregnancy) she came up the hospital to get him to leave with her and wouldn’t allow him to come see our baby after that. I am not the first woman she has done this too! She knew I was pregnant and still went after my husband of 7 years! Now my baby is 10 months old and I also have a 5 year old who no longer have their daddy because Lindsey won’t allow it! Please share my story so when Lindsey decides to find another married man she can think twice!

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