Linda Ahmed Bakersfield, California California


This woman worked or works at the chase bank off Ming. My husband went in a few times to inquire about opening a new account. This woman decided to give him her personal number. My husband thought it was cool and decided to call her behind my back. She then tried to make my husband leave me. She wasn’t just trying to wreck my home she wrecked her home in the process. She was married with two small children. She wanted to make sure she had a new man before she left her husband. She left her husband and kept calling my husband to move in with her and that she would take care of him. When she was told to stop calling she acted like if this was her husband and she was the one being done wrong. I called her at her work to make sure she was there, then I showed up to her work and she hid from me. Now she is seeking God to be forgiven for her whore ways.

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