Lifekey Healthcare Aka Berkeley noble Oklahoma Review


Like alot of other people on here I am highly pissed off at these thieves in the night. I ordered their free sample for $4.50 shipping. I was unaware of the nicely hidden terms of their free sample. Auto-enrollment to recieve future product shipments at $69.95 a hit. They probed my checking account daily for weeks until I had enough money in there for them to steal the amount of $69.95. nHundreds of people on this site have reported the same deceptive practices that this company uses. When you call them for a refund or to return the unwanted enzyte the rep goes into full defence and tells you no refunds at all can be given and then tells you that you agreed to be enrolled into their program. The rep was a pure B*TCH on the phone but finally agreed to send me a refund kit…. nThis so called “KIT”” is only a pamphlet that says that refunds are not given. This business has SCAM written all over it. Maybe I can open up a E-Store and sell overpriced vitamins and use the free sample AKA auto-enrollment scam.. nI suggest that the other 100 people that have complained here go to the Ohio Attorney Generals website and report them. I have already reported using the online form. nI hope some smart lawyer type can start a class action suite against them. Count me in! nDavenNoble


Building Box 42635 Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.


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