Late last year I was looking for a company to install two custom wood gates at my home. I came across a company called Liberty Garage Doors. I was then contacted by Anthony Vincent Garulle who claimed to be the owner. Anthony provided me with a written estimates in which he emailed to me. The estimate reflected an address of (1006 S. Hathaway Unit E, Santa Ana, CA, 92705). I didn’t find out until later that the address was a empty building. After the initial estimate Anthony Vincent Garulle started calling every two days asking for me to make a deposit on the project and that he really needed the money because he had already purchased the materials. During the course of a month I gave Anthony four personal checks that totaled $1500 which was half the price of the estimate. After I made the initial deposit every week Anthony had a new excuse as to why the gates were not ready to be installed. I did some research online about him and found out that he is a career criminal and has been stealing deposit money from consumers for years and never completes the work. In addition, liberty garage doors, the company he claimed he was the owner of was no longer in business. I also found out that Anthony Vincent Garulle contractors license was suspended more the two years ago and there are tons of complaints on this guy online. When I confronted him about this issue he claimed it was an ex-employee that was trying to get back at him. I told him if this was the case then why can’t I find at least one person that has anything good to say about you. Of course he had no response. Needless to say I requested a refund of my deposit because this guy has been ripping people off for years. As of today he has still failed to give me back my deposit of $1500. Since I requested a refund of my deposit Anthony Vincent Garulle will not return my phone calls or emails. This is exactly what I read about online about this guy. Once he gets your money you will never hear from him again. I’m warning anyone that is working with this guy or thinking about it to NOT WORK with him under any circumstance. He will tell you lie after lie to get your money and will never deliver your doors. There are others looking for Anthony as well. A recent background check on this guy shows he has a history of lawsuits and jugdements against him. He drives a beat up red truck with the license plate number of 8U95650. I am actively looking for Anthony Vincent Garulle to recover my deposit. I have already filed a police report and contacted the Contractors State Licensing Board regarding this matter. Remember this guy has been stealing from consumers for years and will continue to do so he if is not brought to justice. This message is for you ANTHONY VINCENT GARULLE return the $1500 you stole from me. I will not rest until you are brought to justice. It is my mission to ensure that you don’t steal another dime from a consumer ever again.

1006 S. Hathaway Unit E Santa Ana, California USA


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