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My fiancé of the last two years been together 3 yrs has abandoned me and our 6 month old daughter to be with this fat cow. She is the town home wrecker, it’s like a game to her to try and get all the guys in town who are in a relationship to be with her. She’s been homewrecking since she was old enough to know what a dick and sex is. || My relationship with my man has been very good loving and we were just talking about finally getting married before the end of the year. Then throw loosey lexy into the mix who is known as the town cum dumpster or town pump… She has slept with pretty much anything that walks who will touch her most of the guys won’t touch her with a 100 foot pole. She has expressed that she does not care that she is breaking my family apart and taking my fiancé away from his daughter. I can’t 100% blame her because he has made up lie after lie about me To her making it sound like im so miserable and just drag him down (I support him financially, take care of him, feed him, shit I even cut his god damn steak as if he were a kid) I just had a baby and just lost my Job in September so naturally I am under alot of stress and pressure. My man never once expressed to me that he was unhappy with me and always talked about how I am his one and only he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me yada yada … || Now rewind before he met me he was married and cheated on her many times he left her and moved in with me and to my knowledge hasn’t cheated on me until now. He was trying to be a better man and not abandon a second family. But this stupid hoe bag is so manipulative and mentally unstable that she played his weaknesses and believes his lies that I’m such a horrible person to be with ( yet we have sex at least 2-3 times a day when we’re together had sex up until the morning he checked out on me.) He and I were sharing my Facebook then he asked if he could get his own Facebook so I let him and after that his phone became glued to his side never aloud out of his sight and he started acting sketchy coming home later at night and becoming very rude and angry toward me. This was last week this started so I knew something was up. || Now to add even more about the town dumpster.. As of last night they have been”in a relationship” together and I have been shown text messages today from a family friend where she is trying to get him to leave his current woman to go have sex with moo moo lexy.. Plus she has tried wrecking my brothers relationships with his girl friend. Lexy actually stalked my brother for over a year trying to get him to go have sex with her. She constantly harassed him and when she realized things weren’t going to go her way she started going psychotic and harassing my brothers at the time girlfriend. She would sit in front of houses and watch people and constantly stalk. She jumps from victim to victim it’s like a game to her to see who she can get to leave their home for her. Then as soon as they find out how crazy and loose she is they all run for the hills back to their homes and families. There are sooooooo many more homes that I know of that she has wrecked there are so many I couldn’t list them all on here if my life depended on it. My fiance’s ex wife’s new boyfriend even was a victim of hers as well! She doesn’t try and find a single man she goes looking for the ones that are taken. || My good friend saw Lexy today at her work and all she said was that she isn’t doing anything wrong she claims my fiancé left me first before they started talking but that is the biggest lie actions speak louder than words and he was talking to her way before he left me. I knew he was doing something and I confronted him many times only to be told nothing was going on. He was actually just at our home yesterday and told me that he is not trying to get with her and sure as hell isn’t trying to have sex with her but obviously was lying. Guys only talk to this cunt for one reason alone and that’s to use her loose p**sy for sex. She told my friend she doesn’t care that she’s taking him away from his daughters and family. This is the most dangerous form of a home wrecker possible. She has no remorse and doesn’t care what she’s doing to hurt a family and children. She wants what isn’t out there free for the taking. She’s knowingly stealing men from people and not just Strangers she preys on the men of girls she’s shown horses with and gone to school with. She needs to be locked away far far away from men for the rest of her life. || My fiancé will be back. Every single time he cheated on his ex wife after the thrill of the new person wears off he comes crawling back home looking for forgiveness and feeling like an idiot for what he did. Worst part is he has made fun of her for years and called her a fat nasty cow and everything else mean he said he would never ever get with her for fear of his d**k falling off. Well I guess it’s gonna rot off now. I hope he enjoys sleeping with the whole town of West Gardiner every time he is with her.

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