Leslie Ann Summers Paone – Arnold, Maryland Maryland


Meet the home-wrecking slut (although she’s only the last one out of many), Leslie Ann Summers Paone of Arnold, Maryland, who finally did me the biggest favor anyone has ever done for me … got my alcoholic, pathological liar, self-centered, cheating slut of a husband out of my life once and for all!!!!! My story began, that I know of, 22 years ago. First caught my husband cheating with an engaged slut at work. Because we had a 5-year old that worshiped the ground her Daddy walked on and a 6 month old, we decided to work our marriage out. As far as I know, but truly doubt now, nothing like this occurred again for about 17 years. Then the hunting down of old ex-high school girlfriends on Facebook started … and the cyber/phone cheating with ex-high school girlfriends began. Because these cyber/phone affairs were not physical, as the whores all lived too far away, he would never truly admit that he had done anything wrong. || Eventually, with the help of a mutual high school friend he reconnected with and began a cyber/phone affair with the current home-wrecking slut from Arnold, Maryland that he is living with today. My soon to be ex-husband of 27 years is a severe alcoholic, and I do even still truly believe that his affairs are a symptom of his alcoholism. After getting caught in this first cyber affair with this slut 3 years ago, he for the first time in the over 30 years I have known him, actually admitted that he was an alcoholic and promised to seek treatment. He did for about 2 months and then started sneak drinking and eventually was openly drinking, and drinking even more than before. I actually even found vodka bottles hidden in the garden hose container. He is also a diabetic, so naturally because God only knows why I loved him and he was my children’s father, I tried everything I could think of to get him to stop drinking. Like any textbook addict, this just gave him an excuse to seek out someone that would enable and support his drinking. Like the saying says, “If an addict is happy with someone, they are probably enabling them, if they are mad at someone, it is because they are trying to save their life.” The sickest part of this, is this slut is a psychology associate and a disgrace to the profession … deliberately enabling an alcoholic, much less a diabetic alcoholic, for her own selfishness. She is so pathetic and desperate that she knows if he ever looked at her with sober eyes, he would see in her what just about everyone else does … a fat, ugly, pathetic, desperate, certifiably crazy whore that is even more vile on the inside than on the outside and so desperate for a man that she will open her door wide and spread her legs even wider to get a male (won’t call him a man because he is not one) that she has not laid eyes on for 34 years and really knows absolutely NOTHING about. Little does she realize that she has done me the biggest favor anyone ever could … taken that lying, cheating, drunk off my hands … he is now her problem (and she his) and thank God no longer mine. They both deserve no better, nor can do any better, than each other!!!! As a very good friend told me, I should send her an FTD Thank You Bouquet … except I have much better things to spend my hard earned money on!!! Maybe a thank you card … much cheaper, but she nor he is worth even that much!!!

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