Laser Repair Depot Review


This company, the laser outlet, is now doing busines as Laser Repair Depot that is: – they may have changed the name, but not their business practices. We sent them our Thermage handpiece to be repaired “quicker and cheaper than the manufacturer” We were told we would get a quote within 48 hours and the repair within a week. We did not hear from them for over two weeks- repeated attempts to speak to someone were useless. When I finally spoke to John in service he said their equipment to repair the Thermage handpiece was down, but should be back up soon. Eventually almost a month later our handpiece was sent back to us. Of course we did not want to waste a tip testing the handpiece, we ended up with a paying client on the table and a still broken handpiece. When I called John said there are no refunds, but send him the handpiece back and they will look a it. He also said maybe our machine was broken-not the handpiece. That was impossible since we borrowed a handpiece from a colleague which worked perfectly. Against my better judgement I sent it back to them: John assured me he would call as soon as it was received. Again no call- two days later I spoke to John, apparently the machine to repair the handpiece was out. They had no way to even repair my handpiece. I again requested a refund. The owner was supposed to call me several times thoughout this ordeal and never did. I demanded my handpiece returned at this point-John sent it back overnight, the one thing they followed through on. Now I am in the process of trying to get my refund- I am also out a Thermage tip. Again, no one is returning my calls. I am going to start with the BBB and go from there.

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