Krystal Voegtlin Texas Texas


First off, I would like to say I feel stupid I allowed this woman to RUIN MY MARRIAGE!  She was my best friend. She came over everyday and sometimes watched my kids for me. little did I know this BITCH was screwing my husband. || I had a feeling something was wrong in February of 2011. I got home from work and saw her car parked in the driveway….little did I know she was there to see my husband and lied to me and said she broke her cell and decided to just pop in… || Few weeks later I find hubbys phone stashed inside a OLD SHOE IN THE CLOSET….it contained nothing BUT pictures of her and TEXT…saying he is going to leave me. I was crushed, my world crumbled. I decided to confront him.. he freaked. I called her on speaker phone and she just kept saying sorry. I TRUSTED HER! NEVER AGAIN! I got a divorce a year later. I have not looked back since…she has 4 kids and does not have Custody of them…and pays Child support, I am sure my EX pays for her now. have fun!

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