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I’d like to introduce Krystal Ann Mayo(Cooper), the home wrecking whore who has been a thorn in my side for the past 2 years. In the beginning, I wouldn’t have blamed her for getting involved with my husband, but the moment she found out about me she should have moved on instead of sinking her claws into him further. Our marriage had been up and down for a few years and she isn’t the first person he’s cheated with. But that’s another story in itself. This is her story!Krystal met my husband (supposedly) at a gas station where they both had stopped. She asked him for directions since she drove up to our city for a work matter and was lost. Apparently they exchanged numbers and they shortly thereafter started seeing each other. We had just recently moved and were still getting settled in our rental home… I left to go visit family because of issues he and I had and while I was gone he actually had her come and stay at our house! She even had mail sent there! That’s how I initially found out she had been staying at our house sleeping in our bed! She actually had gone through my things and found my résumé and took it to get my phone number off of it. The day I got back from my visit home, I should have know something was up, since my husband insisted we stay at a hotel that night! She started calling me hanging up within hours of me being in town. Then she decided to actually talk to me and let me know she had been seeing my husband. At that moment she should have stopped seeing him, but she took it as a challenge. She even came to our house one night a few weeks later and proceeded to bang on the door and windows (going into our fenced backyard to get to our bedroom windows) until he spoke to her. I should have called the cops and not let him talk to her but I wanted him to have the opportunity to do the right thing. My mistake!Eventually he started not coming home and I found out they had rented a house together not far from where we lived. A month or so passes and we decide to try working things out. Husband takes a new job in a new state – we prepare to move and I think things will be better. Oh no- my mistake again. He had her packing also. However, he and I moved. It didn’t take long though, she started coming up where we were and staying with him again. We hadn’t gotten a house or anything yet and had temporary company housing at the time but he rented a camper that he and her lived in for a few months. I also find out he bought her an engagement ring as she freely posted pictures on Facebook about it! Not only did I leave again at his request to visit family- I wanted to get away and clear my head of the craziness happening. I come back to see if things can work since he said he wanted our marriage and bought my plane ticket to come back. I come back only to him loosing his job! Oh yes and all of our belonging were placed in storage but under Krystal’s name! She had control of all my things and wouldn’t let me get anything! Yes, you guessed it – eventually everything in storage is lost for non-payment! I have lost everything I’ve ever owned because of that woman! So here I am, back with my husband for ONE night to be told we have no money and I need to call my family for help. I get a bus ticket home and he takes a bus someplace else, I’m told for a job opportunity- later I find out he took a bus to go be with Krystal. I start living my life, get a job, and try healing from this mess… I still have some contact with him at this point, we are still married and he is good at talking and reeling me back in. A few months go by and he wants to leave Krystal and be with me. I get him a bus ticket to come. He stays for less than two weeks and goes to his parents house to”borrow” a vehicle from them since we didn’t have one. He didn’t come back but instead i find out that he brought Krystal to his parents house. He told them we had gotten divorced! I’m devastated at this point! But it gets better. After many years of believing I couldn’t have any other children – I find out I’m pregnant- 7 months pregnant! I know that’s hard for some people to understand how I couldn’t know but if you knew the entire circumstances of things it would make sense. His initial response was less than favorable. I go to my ultrasound to try getting a due date and the baby sex. I’m told its going to be a boy! My husband has 2 daughters and has always wanted a son and I had a daughter from a prior marriage. After a week of the news I’m carrying his son, he breaks off his relationship with Krystal and we start talking and making plans- my due date is coming fast and we talk about me joining him at his parents. He just got a new job there and my job wasn’t paying much.My due date comes and goes – so we decide i should just move now before the baby is born- so I go. I wanted to believe things were going to get better, that he was going to change and our baby was going to get him on the right track – he was so excited to have a son on the way. My nightmare gets worse! Our son is born, everything is ok so far, but I could tell he was still talking to Krystal even though she was all the way on the other side of the country. My son turns 3 weeks old and my husband decided to take him to the store one morning while I’m resting. I had a c-section and was still recovering and with a newborn in the house I wasn’t sleeping much. He didn’t come back- Krystal flew up where we were, met my husband and they flew across country with my 3 week old son! It takes me almost 2 weeks to navigate the court system to get my son back from them! I truly believe Krystal convinced him to do this, it was her way to ensure he would be with her, by stealing my son and saying he was hers! Krystal has told me that she named my son! Since this was my husbands first and only son, I insisted that he decide upon the name. So when he picked, I didn’t have any reason to question it. She had also prior to this, claimed to be pregnant by my husband, but it was a lie! Her tubes are tied but she tried to say she was and then it turned into she had a tubal – or miscarried multiple times now and some other BS which were all lies! My husband left his job or was fired, I’m not sure which -to take our son to be with Krystal! After I got our son back from them, he left Krystal again (or so i thought) to move to an adjoining state for work. We talk and try to work through some of this mess. I’m not working, I’m staying with his parents, where he had left me! I again left to join him. I love my husband and want my family more than anything! I know- I should have learned many times by now. Those of you who believe what i do understand the inner battle I fight and why I keep going back, and why I keep trying, you can understand, but most of you will not! Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay away from Krystal or she from him. Just recently she came to me asking if we could all just live together as one big happy family since he can’t chose between us!! We would”share” him! She even told me she loved me and didn’t want anything bad for me!!! And when I said no she showed her true colors- sending me an email outlining how the divorce and custody of my son would go! He eventually moved out completely to be with her. All in all this woman is a horrible human being.This post isn’t about my decisions or my husbands – its about Krystal Ann Mayo. Krystal currently works as a Forensic Investigator.. She has had 2 children that her mother raises, while she’s off doing what she wants, going out, choosing to be with my husband over her own children even. She’s been arrested for theft in the past as well. She has told people her and my husband are married and also that my son was hers- she posted on her Facebook an ultra sound picture of mine along with all the pictures my husband took from the hospital of our son and any picture I ever sent my husband of our son. I found this out when she made the album public one day just so I’d see it! As she knows I frequently watch her Facebook! She has tried to make my husband abandon us, telling me how I better not get comfortable because she’s having him turn off the water and power at our house and not pay rent! And how I should just move on because I’m an old fat jobless careless woman who my husband can’t stand – and she can help me move on and make sure I get the things I need because she controls his money! Or that she will make sure he doesn’t help me at all! She has even sent me texts at night saying how she just wanted me to know he was with her at that moment, or if he was home with me she would block her number and call me repeatedly all night especially from 1am to 3am! I don’t understand how she can have a job like she does but conduct herself the way she does. Wouldn’t your credibility be a huge thing in her profession? It even appears her close family and friends don’t have a problem with her behavior and the things she’s done! Not even them taking my son made anyone of her friends or family think twice- I’d be ashamed if I was her or them! To be such a liar and manipulator! She has made it her personal goal to take as much as she can from my life.My husband is in no way innocent – however she has had a lot to do with the things he has done in the past 2 years! He’s let Krystal affect his life and infect it! There is so much more that’s happened but it would be a book if I wrote it all. You can judge me for my decisions to try working out my marriage- after everything that’s happened. But this isn’t about my decisions – it’s about Krystal Ann Mayo and the horrible person she is- the home wrecking whore that she is! And if she gets the chance and meets your husband or boyfriend and she sets her sites – beware! She will do anything to be the one they choose! Children or not she does not care! It’s her game, she’s a psyco! She will stop at nothing to win. And the moment clarity strikes and they try to leave her – she threatens them. When she finds out my husband and I speak she sends me insulting messages and tells me to stop being pathetic and he doesn’t want me back (but he’s saying he does). Just because I’ve been a housewife for the past 3 1/2 years and stay at home mom for the past 10 months doesn’t make me pathetic! Sure I don’t have a job (stay at home MOTHER) or a home or a car (I recently left as well) – that was all taken from me! And it was a mutually agreed upon situation where I wasn’t working…. but she thinks she knows everything about me and my husband. Pretty sad when we can’t even talk about our son without her getting all crazy! He even has to block me from calling and texting him at night because she freaks out! If anyone’s pathetic….. pretty sure Krystal Ann Mayo (Cooper) is the pathetic one! Can’t leave a married man alone! She’s already been married twice as well and she’s only 32! Hmm wonder why she can’t keep her own man and has to go after someone else’s? >

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