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My husband has had this”friend” our entire relationship, and for years previous. I actually thought she was a good person; she’s in the navy, she seemed very sweet, and was always there with an encouraging word when he and I were on the rocks. He went to lunches with her when she was on leave, and stayed close to her family. So I wasn’t worried about the fact that she was an ex from high school. Their break up was crazy and drama filled, the story i got from him was that he had been very immature and cheated, and she has retaliated by taking a bunch of pills to lose his baby, not to mention to hide from her parents she was sexually active.When we got married in June, we literally found out within days we were having a little one. Apparently this is when she messages him upset about the fact that she should’ve been the mother of his children. I’m not sure how it escalated from there but by the time I found out, they were planning a life together as soon as my son was born and he felt it wouldn’t stress me out too much and hurt our son. I immediately got ahold of her and asked her what was going on. She gave me this sob story of feeling alone and depressed and having no one to call her own and that she didn’t know we were married. At the time, she was friends with both of us on Facebook, and had seen countless pictures and updates about our wedding. I knew she was lying, so i told him i wanted a divorce, less than a month into our marriage! We were trying to talk things out, at least to be friends for our child, when I found out she had been initiating conversations and talking sh*t about me once again. I laid into them both, telling them how deceitful, disgusting, and manipulative they were. Her response was to threaten my unborn child and tell me to grow up and leave her man alone!! Her man? Last I checked, I had his last name and was carrying his child. That’s about as close to not hers as he could get. || We split for a few weeks, and I was taking with a hometown friend who knows the three of us about the situation, and he informed me that I wasn’t the only one, and she had another ex from high school in the middle of a divorce already. What kind of LOSER wants to take two men at once from their children? Finally knowing he was getting played as hard as he was playing me, my husband stopped contact and we have been slowly but surely regaining the family unit and atmosphere with my two year old ourselves and the baby on the way. I know a lot of these stories don’t turn out successful, but without her in our lives we have both been so much happier and much closer, since he talks to me about his problems instead of others so we can work on it together. I have faith that our marriage will last the rest of time, despite the greedy whore who tried to ruin it.

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