Krista Marshall – Clearwater, Florida Florida


This whore is about as low as they come. My husband and I were together for 10 years before I filed for divorce. The sad thing is the way that I found out. My Dr. wanted me to take an STD test because it was suspected that I may have HERPES. When I confronted my husband he decided to tell me the truth. He lied a few times saying that he had no idea how I could, even blaming me for cheating. Well, he finally told me that he had sex with a nasty whore in the back of his truck of all places!!!! She always hounded him telling him to leave me and our 3 children. She told him that he deserved better. When he said no and that he was happy at home she decided to make the offer to be his”Side piece” for the time because she was bored while HER fiance worked all day! She came on to him and it ended with them out in his truck having sex behind a building! || He claims that this has only happened once and I haven’t gotten far with her. I found her on Facebook and sent her a message telling her what I thought of her but never heard back. Not only is she a home wrecker for my family, but a home wrecker for her own family! I hope her fiance (in the photo) sees this!!!┬áLuckily, I did not have herpes or any other STD. Thank God my Dr. worried or else I would have never known! I have filed for divorce and there is no way I will take his nasty ass back!

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