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My husband was living in another state away from the kids and me due to a job, when he started this affair; therefore it was easier for him to live his double life. I found out about his infidelity by looking at the phone bill, but it wasn’t until I broke into his email account and found out the whole gist of his affair. Not only was he in a physical affair, it was extremely emotional where him and the homewrecker were plotting for him to leave me for her. Mind you, I found the numbers on the phone bill about two months after they met, in March 2011, and I personally called this slut and told her he was married with kids, and whatever lies he is feeding her were not true, and she needs to back off. She hung up on me. The homewrecker and I had several run ins over the months, or should I say I had a run in with her family, where she had her sister call and curse me out and try to fake like it was her. I mean this chick was a ratchet hood rat, and I know my husband would never cheat on me with a woman that was this ghetto, he had to target a weak ass bitch because he didn’t want anybody to blow his cover. So she thought she had me fooled, but I knew the person on the phone was not her. She never had the guts to speak to me no matter how many emails, phone calls, and text messages I left her cursing her out. And since I was living in another state it was very difficult for me to monitor my husband’s whereabouts, but there were many times where he did not answer his phone late at night so I knew what was up. So for many months my husband continued to lie to me, it was to a point where this slut would tell him to call me late at night in order for me not to call her and harass her. She would remain silent in the background while he faked like he was at home, but was sitting up in her house all along. Eventually I made a surprise visit to the state he was in, because I found the slut’s address in public records through a deed for a home she just purchased. I went straight to this address after my plane landed, and low in behold whose car was out in front???…my husband’s, I marched up those stairs and banged on the door, but lucky for them and myself, they were not home. They were actually out on a fuckfest for his birthday and were gone the entire weekend, so I never got a chance to confront them both before getting back on my flight. Once he knew I was in the same state, he cut his phone off for the entire weekend, like a cowardly prick! And I had been blowing both of their phones up the entire weekend and neither of them answered. He finally called back, apologized, and said he fucked up yada, yada. He still continued to claim that he had ended the affair, but this slut was relentless she continued to creep around with my husband, despite of him coming home on the holidays, Valentine’s day, birthdays, Christmas, etc. She would never call him when he came home to visit me mind you. She was willing to do whatever it took to claim her prize. At this point, even though I knew my husband was cheating I was not aware of the extent of it until I broke into his email account. I still felt something wasn’t right, when he would come home, he would confess his love for me and wanting his family to hurry up and move to where he was, so we could be a family again, while at the same time he is still screwing this slut. June 2012 was the date for us to move, I had flew to see him in March 2012 and my gut was telling me he wasn’t being honest and that this slut was still in the picture, this is when I broke into his emails and found the highly sexual emails and him telling her he loves her, she even sent him poems of how much she loves him, with titles like “why I love my man” WTF!! This bitch is delusional and nuts! And plotting to dump me for her, she told him that she can’t move on even though my husband told her to, because she was in love, and that he needs to change his situation in order for them to be together. She would even tell him not to call when he was home with me, that she would be waiting until he got back. I found out just hours before visiting me, he would leave from this slut’s house to fly and see me, and possibly exposing me to god knows what! Once I confirmed what I already suspected, I immediately told my husband I was filing for divorce. This is when his emotions suddenly came, he broke down crying saying he didn’t want to lose his family, and that he would go to counseling to make things right. We both got STD’s and HIV tests; I demanded this in order for us to move forward. So now here we are, one year later we are finally together in the same state, and upon arrival I sent this slut an email making an announcement that her homewrecking stops here. Apparently she must have gotten the message, although I haven’t suspected any suspicious activity from my husband, I have zero trust in him, and I am struggling to build this back up. Had it not been for my children, I know for a fact my marriage would be over. But I made it very clear, if it happens again. No reconciliation, his shit will be packed, and I will be in court the next day.

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