Kendra Davidson Reno, Nevada Nevada


Back in December of 2011, my husband of five years had quit his job and started disappearing a lot. He said he was trying to find another job quick because I was 8 months pregnant with our third child. Well one day he said he was going to go sell our SUV so we could get a van for our growing family. He never came back home. I didn’t hear from him for 2 weeks. During those two weeks, I started going through his cell phone history and started making calls. One of those calls lead to me to the now homewrecker Kendra Davidson. She said she didn’t know where he was and I asked what is she to him. She said they were just friends. I told her, you know he’s married right? Two kids with one on the way right? She said yes and again she said they were just friends. || Well I soon found out that my husband was on drugs pretty bad and he wasn’t going to be coming home anytime soon. We had moved to Reno, NV after my husband got out of the Navy and had only been there a year. We lived in a house his father owned but didn’t use. I didn’t have any family or friends in the state when my husband took off. He basically left us with no money, no vehicle, and little food. So I did what I needed to do for my kids and got on train to Pennsylvania to my best friend. A couple weeks later had my third child. My husband emailed me for 5 months after I left and told me he was on drugs and how badly he f**ked up and wanted to be with me and the kids so badly. blah blah blah. Fast forward to the summer of 2012, he finally makes his way to Pennsylvania saying he’s done with drugs and wants to do better. That was short lived, he told me about cheating on me with Kendra as well as her being pregnant with his kid at the same time. That was a big blow. He told me how sorry he was and how much he loves me, blah. Again short lived because he soon told me that doesn’t feel the same about me and doesn’t love me anymore. He loves her. || Now a little about Kendra, She now has 3 kids from 3 different men. While she was running around high with my husband, she neglected her other kids so much that they should have been taken away from her. Right now she is in federal prison for counterfeit bills. She had my husband’s child in prison. So watch out ladies because she doesn’t care where or whose man she gets as long as some guy is pretending to love her for point 5 seconds. Also me and my ex are done, he moved to California with his family and is patiently waiting for his crack head drag queen homewrecker to get out of prison. Me and the kids are doing just fine without the lies and drama from them both.

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