Kelvinator Complaint


Bought dishwasher February 2012. Started using it a month later. In January 2015 I noticed the bottom tray started rusting and shortly after that the top tray as well. I lodged a complaint with Kelvinator. Somebody phoned back and told me that I should have used cleaning tablets in that specific model. I used the normal dishwasher salt, rinse aid and dishwashing powder. This was not specified on the packaging or in the accompanying leaflets and instruction manual of this machine. My common sense tells me that the plastic covering the metal of the baskets can”t handle the heat the machines element generates. Thus getting brittle, breaking and with the water inside rusts away. I want to buy new baskets now but after two requests the ignore my question of how long the new baskets will last and what exactly I should use in this machine. These baskets are costly, I can”t replace them every 3 years. And Kelvinators Logo: “Kelvinator is for Keeps”. They should really get a different logo – it is not the truth.

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